Joe Lynn Turner About Karl Cochran on “Holy Man” album.

Check out Joe Lynn Turner’s kind words about Karl Cochran’s performance and writing on the “Holy Man” album. Originally posted on Joe Lynn Turner’s Official Facebook Page.


“A young unknown guitar hero named Joe Bonamassa was writing with me and producer Bob Held for a month or so in New York. We turned out some killer tracks. Honest Crime, Angel and Wolves at the Door were chosen to be on the CD. Joe was amazing! A very gifted and talented artist was in the making and he obviously lived up to his potential as witnessed by his huge success today. JB deserves all the acclaim he has received but most people don’t know he was on the record with me way back then. In-fact I still have some songs from our writing sessions that were never recorded. Who knows, maybe someday…

I was very blessed with great guitar players because my main man, Karl Cochran, was himself a guitar hero waiting to happen. His playing and writing on this CD shows his strength in both areas. A great writer and friend, we did many albums together through the years until he suffered a stroke during the ‘Rated X’ recording. He is in recovery and we are in touch but I miss him by my side very much. He was a brother and counterpart like I’ve never had.
Life can be so unfair sometimes. I’m praying he will make a full recovery and return to writing, playing and recording music. There is a foundation created for Karl and other musicians who have similar problems.

You can check out info and how to make donations at:”