Our Mission

ROCKNRECOVERY provides short term assistance for music professionals in times of need, who have suffered a hardship. We act as a resource and an advocate in times of need, and where applicable, provide financial support. We achieve this through music, concerts, and events with the support of volunteers, musicians, entertainers, live event staff, and many other musical and entertainment professionals. We also strive to raise awareness for survivors on how to navigate such a difficult time by sharing our experiences, and letting them know they are not alone. With our large family of entertainment professionals and volunteers, we help to connect them to the resources they need and get the assistance they require. ROCKNRECOVERY strives to be a resource for the music community in a time of need, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality.

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Board of Directors

Geri Fasano – President/CEO
Melody Magera – Recording Secretary / Acting Treasurer
Chris Mitchell – Webmaster and E-Mail Admin
Benny Harrison – Musical Director


Lisa Newman
Cheryl Adarraz
Thomasa Hemp
Robbie Rudinger
Larry Schultz
Kevin Devaney
Billy Orrico
Mike Magera