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Team ROCKNRECOVERY would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and Thank You for your support and generosity over the past year.
We kindly ask that during this busy time of year you take a moment and learn the warning signs of a stroke. You could save someone’s life!
According to the American Stroke Association, the three warning signs are:

· Facial drooping or numbness

· Arm weakness

· Sudden speech difficulties

Looking forward to the New Year, with more auctions items, music memorabilia, events and more awareness in 2016!
Peace, Love & Music…
Music Heals

Eric Singer KISS Kruise V Alive Drum Kit Up For Auction

The Eric Singer drum kit played on the KISS Kruise V Alive back in October, which was generously donated by KISS, is now up for silent auction through December 19th. All auctions will be accepted through e-mail to You will be notified, at the time of bid, if you are the high bidder, and what the current bidding price is. If you are outbid, you will be notified at that time, giving you the chance to resubmit a higher bid. Good luck, and thank you very much in advance for your support!!

Here is the list of the drums the winning bidder will receive:

PEARL drums (Black Gloss Finish)
6″-8″-10″-12″13″ Concert Toms
14 x14 Floor Tom (double headed)
16×16 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
18×16 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
13″ x 7″ Chrome over Steel snare drum (Limited Edition)
24″ x 14″ Bass Drum

ALL Pearl Hardware (for all drums and 6 cymbals)
PEARL Double Pedal
PEARL Drum Throne

LP Chrome Cowbell
(1)20″ ride
(4) 19″ Crash
(1) 17″ China Type
(1) Pair 14″ Zildjian Hi-Hats

KISS “logo” front Bass Drum Head (autographed by the band) included along with 6 pairs of Eric Singer “KISS” Signature drum sticks!

Shipping cost at “Buyer’s” expense – shipped directly to you from KISS (or local pick-up in Los Angeles area).


It’s Giving Tuesday

Today, December 1, 2015, is “Giving Tuesday,” a global day dedicated to celebrating generosity, and for giving back.

Your support of ROCKNRECOVERY over the last year and a half has been amazing! You can help ROCKNRECOVERY provide the support that is needed through the power of your generosity, and social media (using the share links below and the following hastags: #‎rocknrecovery‬ ‪#‎musicheals‬ ‪#‎Ilovekarl #GivingTuesday‬). You can also feel free to donate to ROCKNRECOVERY by going to the Contact Us Page.

Check out the site:


ROCKNRECOVERY Is Now an Official 501(c) Non-Profit!!!!!

GREAT news from the ROCKNRECOVERY camp! At long last, we have received notification from the IRS that we are now an official 501(c) foundation!!

What does this mean? This means, among other things, that all charitable donations and gifts to ROCKNRECOVERY are now tax deductible (except for purchased merchandise/auction items). We will provide more details on how to donate, including setting up a way to donate directly through the ROCKNRECOVERY web site in the coming days. Keep checking back here for details over the coming weeks, as there will be quite a bit happening!

Also, don’t forget that we still have many auction items for sale on our “Auctions and Merchandise” link at the top. With the Christmas holidays coming up, there are plenty of items to get for that Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, Geddy Lee or Ace Frehley fan in your life.

Eric Singer Drum Kit for KISS Kruise V Alive Donated to ROCKNRECOVERY

In honor of World Stroke Day (World Stroke Day Info), in support of ROCKNRECOVERY and Karl’s continued recovery, Eric Singer will auction off the drum kit that will be played on the upcoming KISS Kruise Alive V show coming up this weekend. All proceeds will go to help Karl achieve his goal of a full recovery. Check out the KISS Online web site here: KISS Online Article
Also, check out the photos that people have sent in sporting their ROCKNRECOVERY gear: Rockin’ The Gear!!


Oct. 29th is World Stroke Day

October 29th is World Stroke Day, and strives to bring awareness to the leading cause of disability, and the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S.
Please check out the link for further details:

Additionally, to show your support for the ROCKNRECOVERY organization, we want photos of you rocking your ROCKNRECOVERY gear showing your support for Karl in his recovery; we’ll post the photos for all to see. What’s that you say? You don’t have any ROCKNRECOVERY gear? You can help Karl in his ongoing recovery efforts by checking out our Merchandise/Auction page:

We have lots of great ROCKNRECOVERY merchandise for sale and auctions for some great items, including an autographed Nikki Sixx bass, autographed Steven Tyler poster, autographed Geddy Lee poster, and LOTS more. If you’re interested in any of the merchandise or auctions, please e-mail us at As always, thank you for your ongoing support for this great cause!

Karl at Ace Frehley Starland Ballroom Show – Autographed Merch For Sale

Karl was a guest at the Ace Frehley show at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on September 25th.

Click photos to enlarge

download_20150927_210425Richie Scarlet, Karl, Ace Frehley, and Geri Fasano

download_20150927_210431Karl, and his good friend Dean Nemeth, who Karl worked with on the 1994-95 Ace Frehley Bad Boys Tour

Additionally, Ace graciously donated, and signed, several pieces of merchandise, that are now for auction on the ROCKNRECOVERY web site.
download_20150927_210456Ace Frehley Autographed T-Shirt – Starting bid: $100

download_20150927_210446Ace Frehley autographed photo and autographed “Space Invader” and “Anomaly” CD’s – Starting bid: $100 (2 sets available)

BeltAce Frehley autographed guitar strap – Starting bid: $250

If you have any interest in purchasing any of this merchandise, please e-mail us at